Healthy Eggs!

Eggs have been a natural part of the human diet for millennia. While mostly valued as a prime source of protein due to its high quality protein content, the egg has a complex nutritive profile that includes many of the minerals and vitamins that we also need for good health.

Delicious Eggs!

Windmeul’s egg farmers work hard to provide you with fresh eggs of Grade A quality. It typically takes 3 to 7 days for eggs to get “from farm to table” and we maintain a constant, optimum cold chain from farm to store. The eggs are collected on the farms, graded and packaged then transported to the grocery store.


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Our History

Committed to fairness and best practices, our founding family members played a  pivotal role in
changing how eggs were marketed and produced in South Africa.

At the time when the egg industry was dominated by large co-operatives with vested interests,

The consumer ultimately bore the brunt of uncompetitive practices. This vexed and infuriated
the burgeoning supermarket chain entrepreneurs such as Raymond Ackerman, as well as the
smaller, independent egg producers.

The eventual repeal of unfair legislation paved the way for a proper free-market environment
where efficient privately-owned poultry farms could access the formal market; supermarket
chains could choose their preferred suppliers and the consumer could benefit from a wider
selection of different egg brands at competitive prices.

It was a change that inspired four different families with a historic interest in poultry farming
to pool their resources and expertise in order to market their eggs in an honest and equitable

Over the years, Windmeul Eggs established a world-class quality pack station and developed
its leading egg brands – Humpty Dumpty, Free Range, All Grain and Canola Eggs- offering South
African consumers the widest choice.

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Bacon and Egg Pie
A traditional picnic dish, we just love this one for a summer picnic!

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