Healthy Eggs!

Eggs have been a natural part of the human diet for millennia. While mostly valued as a prime source of protein due to its high quality protein content, the egg has a complex nutritive profile that includes many of the minerals and vitamins that we also need for good health.

Delicious Eggs!

Windmeul’s egg farmers work hard to provide you with fresh eggs of Grade A quality. It typically takes 3 to 7 days for eggs to get “from farm to table” and we maintain a constant, optimum cold chain from farm to store. The eggs are collected on the farms, graded and packaged then transported to the grocery store.


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The Egg’s Nutritional Profile

Eggs add protein to your diet, as well as various other nutrients. In fact they are packed with many vitamins and have lots of other heath benefits. Click below to view our nutrient table  and the roles they play in the body.

Nutrient Percentage of RDI* Role in the body
Long chain Omega-3 fatty acids 71% for males and
127% for females
Found in cell membranes in the brain and eyes;
anti-inflammatory properties.
Major roles in infant growth and development;
protection against diseases.
Selenium 58% Antioxidant that protects cells from damage & needed for production of thyroid hormones
Folate 48% Needed for new cells, heart health, healthy nervous systems, health pregnancy
Vitamin B12 43% Needed for new blood cells & to make genetic material
Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) 42% Healthy metabolism
Vitamin A 32% Eye healthy, strong immune system, cell growth & healthy skin
Riboflavin 29% Energy release & protecting cells from damage
Iodine 28% Forms thyroid hormones
Protein 25% Growth and repair of cells
Vitamin E 24% Protects cell membranes from damage
Phosphorous 21% Bone strength & production of genetic material
Omega-3 12-20% Found in cell membranes; anti-inflammatory properties. Major roles in infant growth
and development; protection against diseases
Omega-6 11-18% Form hormones
Iron 14% Energy production, strong immune systems, mental functioning
Thiamin (vitamin B1) 11% Energy production
Vitamin D 8% Helps the body absorb calcium, needed for strong bones
Sodium 6% Fluid balance & helps to transmit nerve signals
Calcium 6% Strong bones & teeth

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