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All Rounder Egg Salad

This salad is super easy and goes with nearly any dish!  Also, it transforms any meal to a celebration with its vibrant flavours and colour.  An absolute must for food lovers!


  • 6 – 8 All Grain® White eggs – Boiled
  • 1 punnet green beans
  • ½ cup dried cranberries
  • 30g grated parmesan
  • 2cups peas (fresh, tinned or frozen)
  • Mixed salad leaves

For the dressing:

  • 1 Tbs Whole grain mustard
  • 1 Tbs mayonnaise
  • 2 Tbs white wine vinegar
  • 2 Tbs olive oil
  • 1 Tbs fresh lime juice (optional)
  • 1 Tbs Salt
  • 1 Tbs Cayenne pepper
  • 1 cup Double cream natural Yogurt
  • 1 Tbs honey


  1. Bring the eggs to the boil.
  2. Steam the peas and beans and set aside.
  3. Toss the salad onto a large salad bowl or plate.
  4. Add the beans and peas.  Cut the eggs in halve and place on the salad.


  1. Mix the yogurt, mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar, olive oil, lime juice, salt, pepper and honey in a jar with lid by shaking vigorously. ng:
  2. Pour the dressing over the salad and top with fresh avocado, cranberries and grated parmesan. Serve with fresh bread of pasta.
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