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Little Soldiers

In this case, the phrase “less is more” cannot ring more true!  In the Humpty Dumpty households our kids cannot get enough of them, as these little troopers go a long way.  We boil them as lunch box treats, we add them to some greens and veg for a refreshing and easy salad.   You can snack on them for fuel in between meals and obviously they are very handy on any road trip. All you need is a lookout point and some good company.


  • 6 Humpty Dumpty Large Eggs
  • Fresh Bread
  • Butter (optional)


(this is a tough one – as personal preference matters.  This is how we do it and (mostly) it works a charm!

  1. Boil water first, then add egg.  Timing starts after egg is added to the water.  If more than one egg is added adjust time to 10 seconds per egg more for each egg added.
  2. Soft meaning white is done and yellow is runny:  4.5mins
  3. Med meaning white is done and yellow is just about firm: 5 mins
  4. Hard meaning yolk is hard and easy to cut:  5.5 mins and more


Always put eggs into a bowl of water at room temperature straight after boiling.  This will not only prevent them from boiling further, but also loosens the membrane between the egg and the shell.

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